Absolute value in algebra

Algebra: Absolute value. Absolute value is an easy concept: absolute value of a non-negative number is the number itself, absolute value of a negative number is the opposite of that

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Absolute Value in Algebra

Learn. Intro to absolute value equations and graphs. Worked example: absolute value equation with two solutions. Worked example: absolute value equations with one solution. Worked

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Solving Equations Containing Absolute Value

Mathematical Definition. We can also give a strict mathematical/formula definition for absolute value. It is, |p| = {p if p ≥ 0 −p if p This tells us to

Absolute value

Here are some properties of absolute values that can be useful: |a| ≥ 0 always! That makes sense |a| can never be less than zero. |a| = √ (a2) Squaring a makes it positive or zero (for a as a

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Absolute value (Algebra 2, Equations and inequalities)

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Algebra/Absolute Value

Absolute value inequalities are algebraic expressions with absolute value functions and inequality symbols. That is, an absolute value inequality can be one of the following forms (or) can be