Solve for exponent using log

How to solve for exponents. For x n = y; solve for n by taking the log of both sides of the equation: For: x n = y. Take the log of both sides: log x n = log y. By identity we get: n โ‹… log x = log y. Dividing both sides by log x:

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Understanding Logarithmic Functions

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Solving Logarithmic Equations

5x + 2 = 4x Use the Exponent Product Rule in reverse 5x โ‹… 52 = 4x 5x โ‹… 25 = 4x 25 = 4x 5x Like Powers Rule 25 = (4 5)x Rewrite as a log equation x = log4 5(25) Now use the
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Exponential Equations

Solve the exponential equation {5^{2x}} = 21. The good thing about this equation is that the

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